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Colonel James Neilson Portrait


Colonel James Neilson as a young man. Frontispiece to the 1940 book, Colonel James Neilson: A Business Man of the Early Machine Age in New Jersey, 1784-1862, by Robert Thompson.

Bill of sale for Mark, aged 25, to James Neilson for $200

Taylor, Benjamin

Benjamin Taylor sells an enslaved man named Mark to James Neilson (1784-1862) for $200 on October 15, 1816. Mark is approximately 25 years old. Neilson promises to manumit Mark on March 12, 1821.

Bill of sale for Mark for $20 until he turns 25

Neilson, James

James Neilson (1784-1862) sells a black man named Mark to Abraham Veghte for a term of five years for $20. Mark is a 20-year-old slave for a term, and he will serve his new master until he reaches age 25 in the year 1843. Mark will then attain the…

Receipt to James Neilson for the purchase of Elizabeth

Van Arsdalen, Abraham

Receipt issued to James Neilson (1784-1862) for a purchase of an enslaved woman named Elizabeth.

Elizabeth was previously enslaved by John Powers. The receipt indicates that Elizabeth was sold because John Powers was in debt to Staats Van Deursen…

Bill of Sale for Teunis, to James Neilson

Baldwin, Joseph

Joseph Baldwin sold a 26 year old man named Teunis to James Neilson for $175.

Wood Lawn Mansion photograph

Rutgers University

Photograph of the Wood Lawn Mansion, located on the Cook-Douglass Campus in New Brunswick. The mansion was originally built in 1830 by Colonel James Neilson (1784-1862) as a residence for his family. The mansion was later bequeathed to Rutgers…

Permission slip for Mark Harris to join the African Association

Neilson, James

Slaveholder James Neilson (1784-1862) gives permission to Mark Harris, an enslaved man, to join the African Association on January 21, 1817. [Mark was first sold to James Neilson on October 15, 1816. Mark was married to Ambo, a woman who was enslaved…