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Marriage record for Ambo and Mark Harris

Clark, Joseph

Marriage record for Mark and Ambo dated September 8, 1811. The record indicates that Mark was a black man enslaved to Captain (Benjamin) Taylor, and Ambo was a black woman enslaved to Col. John Neilson. The Rev. Joseph Clark, pastor of the First…

Permission slip for Mark Harris to join the African Association

Neilson, James

Slaveholder James Neilson (1784-1862) gives permission to Mark Harris, an enslaved man, to join the African Association on January 21, 1817. [Mark was first sold to James Neilson on October 15, 1816. Mark was married to Ambo, a woman who was enslaved…

Birth record for Mark, son of Ambo and Mark, reported by slaveholder John Neilson

Middlesex County Clerk

Births 65 John Neilson - Mark.jpg
Slaveholder John Nielson reports that an enslaved woman named Ambo gave birth to son Mark on July 27, 1818. Mark's father is Mark, Ambo's husband. [Per New Jersey law, Mark became a slave for a term until he reached 25 years of age in the year 1843.…