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Flag, announcing lynching, flown from the window of the NAACP headquarters on 69 Fifth Ave., New York City


Photograph of a flag flown from the window of the NAACP headquarters on 69 Fifth Ave. in New York City. The flag reads "A MAN WAS LYNCHED YESTERDAY."

Bill of sale for Flora, Phillis, and Ann, sold to John Neilson

Bleecker, Anthony L.

Bill of sale for Flora.jpg
Anthony L. Bleecker sells to John Neilson an enslaved woman named Flora and her two female children Phillis and Ann for 120 New York pounds.

Manumission of Thomas Boston by slaveholder Henry Rutgers

New York Manumission Society

Henry Rutgers manumission for Thomas Boston.jpg
Deed of manumission dated June 12, 1817, with which Henry Rutgers manumits an enslaved man named Thomas Boston. Sealed and delivered in the presence of Richard Riker, and certified by Richard Riker and Jacob Radcliff.

TAKEN UP [pickup notice for John]

Drake, Henry

1799-12-31 TAKEN UP ((Trenton) New Jersey State Gazette.jpg
John, a 16-year-old black boy, was captured and held at the state penitentiary in Trenton in December of 1799 as a runaway. Henry Drake, the marshall of the prison, posts a pickup notice about John's capture and requests John's master to pick him up…

Eight Dollars Reward [runaway ad for William Wilson, Indian apprentice]

Pearson, Job

1794-06-18 Eight Dollars Reward.jpg
William Wilson, an Indian apprentice, ran away from his master Job Pearson in Trenton. His master offers eight dollars reward for Wilson's capture. Wilson was seen passing through New Brunswick on his way to New York.

Run away...Nell, who formerly belonged to Robert J. Livingston

Kingsland, Isaac

A black woman named Nell ran away from slaveholder Isaac Kingsland in Bergen County. Her master's ad mentions that Nell formerly belonged to Robert J. Livingston, a New York merchant. Isaac Kingsland describes the clothing Nell wore and took with her…

Run away from Philip Livingston [unnamed African man]

Livingston, Philip

Philip Livingson Runaway ad for unnamed African man.jpg
Slaveholder and slave trader Philip Livingston offers a reward of three dollars for the capture of an African man who escaped from Livingston in New York City. The man does not speak any Dutch or English, suggesting that he was only recently brought…