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Removal of Phillis to Louisiana, sold by slaveholder Staats Van Deursen to Jacob Klady

Middlesex County Clerk

Manumission Book page 208.jpg
This is a record of Phillis's removal from the state of New Jersey to Louisiana. Phillis was a 22-year-old black woman enslaved by Staats Van Deursen. Staats Van Deursen was the treasurer of Queen's College (later called Rutgers) for ten years…

Manumission of Phillis by slaveholder John Neilson, original certificate

North Brunswick (N.J.). Overseer of the Poor

Slaveholder John Neilson manumitted Phillis on January 16, 1822. This item is the original certificate of manumission signed by the Overseer of the Poor of the Township of North Brunswick (Abraham Van Arsdalen) and two Justices of the Peace for…

Bill of sale for Flora, Phillis, and Ann, sold to John Neilson

Bleecker, Anthony L.

Bill of sale for Flora.jpg
Anthony L. Bleecker sells to John Neilson an enslaved woman named Flora and her two female children Phillis and Ann for 120 New York pounds.

Removal of Phillis and her son Charles to Louisiana by slaveholder Nicholas Van Wickle

Middlesex County Clerk

Manumission Book page 255.jpg
Phillis and her son Charles were among the victims of the slave-trading ring operated by Middlesex County judge Jacob Van Wickle. This document is a record of the removal of Phillis (aged 25) and Charles (aged one and a half years) from the state of…

Permission slip for Phillis to join the African Association

Neilson, John

Slaveholder John Neilson (1745-1833) gives permission to Phillis, an enslaved woman, to join the African Association on January 1, 1820.

Birth record for Phillis, daughter of Patty, reported by slaveholder James Schureman

Middlesex County Clerk

Births 23 James Schureman.jpg
Slaveholder James Schureman reports that Patty, an enslaved woman, gave birth to daughter Phillis on May 1, 1807.