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Manumission of Charlotte by slaveholder Ann Parker

Middlesex County Clerk

Manumission Book page 192 Charlotte.jpg
Slaveholder Ann Parker of North Brunswick manumitted a 35-year-old woman named Charlotte on March 21, 1817. The Middlesex County Book of Manumissions and Removals contains two records related to Charlotte's manumission. The Certificate of Manumission…

Removal of Phillis and her son Charles to Louisiana by slaveholder Nicholas Van Wickle

Middlesex County Clerk

Manumission Book page 255.jpg
Phillis and her son Charles were among the victims of the slave-trading ring operated by Middlesex County judge Jacob Van Wickle. This document is a record of the removal of Phillis (aged 25) and Charles (aged one and a half years) from the state of…

Removal of Dinah to Louisiana, sold by slaveholder William Van Deursen to Jacob Klady

Middlesex County Clerk

Removal record for Dinah by William Van Deursen.jpg
This is a record of Dinah's removal from the state of New Jersey to Louisiana. Dinah was a young woman enslaved to Dr. William Van Deursen (Queen’s College alumnus 1809, trustee 1823-1873, and brother to Queen’s College Treasurer Staats Van Deursen).…