Removal of Dinah to Louisiana, sold by slaveholder William Van Deursen to Jacob Klady

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Removal of Dinah to Louisiana, sold by slaveholder William Van Deursen to Jacob Klady


This is a record of Dinah's removal from the state of New Jersey to Louisiana. Dinah was a young woman enslaved to Dr. William Van Deursen (Queen’s College alumnus 1809, trustee 1823-1873, and brother to Queen’s College Treasurer Staats Van Deursen). On August 30, 1817, William Van Deursen brought Dinah before the Court of Common Pleas where two judges recorded that Dinah consented to move to Louisiana with her new master Jacob Klady. The judges also recorded that Jacob Klady promised to manumit Dinah if she served him obediently and faithfully for fifteen years.

Middlesex County Clerk William P. Deare (Queen’s College alum 1794, and trustee 1804-1826) recorded Dinah’s removal in his book on October 8, 1817.





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Dinah }

State of New Jersey }
Middlesex County } On the 30th day of August in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventeen Dinah the female servant of Doctor William Van Deursen of the city of New Brunswick, in the county and State aforesaid, being a slave for life, was privately examined before us Thomas Hance and John Outcalt two of the Justices of the Peace, and Judges of the Court of Common Pleas in and for sd County, which sd slave Dinah upon her sd examination did say that she was near twenty two years of age, that she is perfectly satisfied and willing to leave the place of her present residence and remove with Jacob Klady to the State of Louisiana and that she prefers to serve the said Jacob Klady to the service of her present master – all which we do hereby certify and that the said Dinah is a slave for life – and that the said Jacob Klady has and does hereby promise and engage that if the sd slave Dinah shall behave in an obedient and orderly manner and serve him honestly and faithfully for the space of fifteen years from the date hereof she shall at the expiration of that time be manumitted & set free. – In Witness whereof we have hereunto subscribed our names the day and year above written. –
          Thos. Hance
          Jno. Outcalt –
Received October 8, 1817 recorded by
          Deare clk




Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries

Archival collection

Middlesex County (N.J.). Records, 1688-1929 (MC 784.1)

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Manumission of Slaves, 1800-1825


Middlesex County Clerk, “Removal of Dinah to Louisiana, sold by slaveholder William Van Deursen to Jacob Klady,” Scarlet and Black Digital Archive, Rutgers University, accessed October 1, 2023,