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SIX CENTS REWARD [runaway ad for apprentice James Smock]

Downs, Robert
Indented apprentice James Smock, aged 16, ran away from his master Robert Downs in New Brunswick on August 20, 1814. Robert Downs offers a reward of 6 cents for Smock's capture and warns others not to harbor or trust the runaway.

This notice was…

One Cent Reward [runaway ad for apprentice Dennis Oglesby]

Coon, William
Apprentice Dennis Oglesby ran away from his master William Coon near Middlebrook on April 4, 1810. Coon offers a nominal reward of one cent for Dennis Oglesby's capture. The runaway notice does not mention Oglesby's race or color or any identifying…

THREE DOLLARS REWARD [runaway ad for apprentice James Gilman]

Bloomfield, John
A 16-year-old apprentice named James Gilman ran away from his master John Bloomfield at Woodbridge on January 30, 1792. Gilman was seen leaving Boye's tavern in the village of Quibbletown (present-day New Market area in Piscataway) and going toward…

$1 Dollar Reward [runaway ad for apprentice James Halfpenny]

Van Dorn, Cornelius

A 17-year-old apprentice named James Halfpenny ran away from his master Cornelius Van Dorn of South Amboy. His master offers a reward of $1 for James Halfpenny's capture.

Twenty Dollars Reward [runaway ad for Cornelius Sinco aka Cornelius Bloomfield]

Crow, Benjamin

1816-02-08 Twenty Dollars Reward.jpg
Cornelius Sinco, alias Cornelius Bloomfield, a black indented apprentice aged 19, ran away from his master Benjamin Crow in Woodbridge on October 15, 1815. His master offers a reward of $20 for Cornelius's return or confinement in the New Brunswick…

Six Cents Reward [runaway ad for apprentice Samuel Myers]

Conover, William

1822-11-14 Six Cents Reward.jpg
An apprentice named Samuel Myers, aged 19, ran away from his master William Conover at Raritan Landing on November 2, 1822.

Eight Dollars Reward [runaway ad for William Wilson, Indian apprentice]

Pearson, Job

1794-06-18 Eight Dollars Reward.jpg
William Wilson, an Indian apprentice, ran away from his master Job Pearson in Trenton. His master offers eight dollars reward for Wilson's capture. Wilson was seen passing through New Brunswick on his way to New York.