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Notice [pickup notice for Tom and Frank]

Bonnington, Joseph

1825-10-26 Notice.jpg
Two black men, Tom and Frank, were captured as suspected runaways on October 10, 1825, and confined to the Perth Amboy jail.

Fifty Dollars Reward [runaway ad for Elisha]

Farmer, George

1816-02-08 Fifty Dollars Reward.jpg
Elisha, a black man, ran away from slaveholder George Farmer on January 27, 1816. Elisha was 21 years old. George Farmer had purchased Elisha on September 9, 1815, from John Tucker of Rahway, while Elisha was in jail. George Farmer offers a reward of…

Ten Dollars Reward [jailbreak notice for Rachel]

Farmer, George
Rachel, a 20-year-old black woman, escaped from the Middlesex County jail in New Brunswick on the night of January 15, 1814. George Farmer, owner of the Belle Vue estate across the river from New Brunswick (in present-day Highland Park) offers a…

Eight Dollars Reward [jailbreak notice for Jack]

Wrighter, David

1802-01-19 Eight Dollars Reward.jpg
On January 2, 1802, Jack, an enslaved black man, escaped from the jail in Trenton where he was held on charges of theft from his master Amos Moore. Jack was about 20 years old. Jail keeper David Wrighter offers a reward of $8 for Jack's return.

TWO NEGROMEN [pickup notice for Matthew Fairfax and Levi Brown]

Keenon, Peter
Two black men, Matthew Fairfax and Levi Brown, were captured and committed to jail in New Brunswick as suspected runaways on January 1, 1801. Peter Keenon, the keeper of the prison of Middlesex county, publishes a notice stating that the two men will…

In custody in Middlesex gaol, the following negro men [pickup notice for Adam Hill, Henry Hall, and Isaac Harmone]

Three black men, Adam Hill, Henry Hall, and Isaac Harmone, were captured and committed to jail in New Brunswick as suspected runaways. The keeper of the Middlesex county jail publishes a notice stating that the three men will be sold by the jailer if…

TAKEN UP [pickup notice for John]

Drake, Henry

1799-12-31 TAKEN UP ((Trenton) New Jersey State Gazette.jpg
John, a 16-year-old black boy, was captured and held at the state penitentiary in Trenton in December of 1799 as a runaway. Henry Drake, the marshall of the prison, posts a pickup notice about John's capture and requests John's master to pick him up…