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Account of Joseph Dunn [treatment of Tom]

Dunham, Jacob

Dunham 59 Joseph Dunn.jpg
Dr. Jacob Dunham recorded the amounts owed to him by Joseph Dunn for medical services that the doctor provided to Dunn's household from 1817 to 1826. Among the people treated in Joseph Dunn's household was an enslaved man named Tom.

Thirty Dollars Reward [runaway ad for Tom]

Throckmorton, William

1799-12-10 Thirty Dollars Reward.jpg
Tom, a black man, ran away from slaveholder William Throckmorton in South Amboy on August 25, 1799. Tom is about 25 years old. His master offers a reward of 30 dollars for Tom's return and notes that Tom was seen on the road to Trenton, possibly on…

Notice [pickup notice for Tom and Frank]

Bonnington, Joseph

1825-10-26 Notice.jpg
Two black men, Tom and Frank, were captured as suspected runaways on October 10, 1825, and confined to the Perth Amboy jail.