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Bunyan, James
James Bunyan of Princeton seeks to sell a young black man, age 18, for a 10-year term for 80 pounds cash.

White and Black Married. How a Young Farmer Wooed and Won an Old Negro's Daughter


1887-04-09 White and Black Married - New York Times.png
New York Times report about the marriage of a white farmer named Cornelius Van Tilbergh (age 25) and a black woman named Lizzie Simmons (age 20) from Rocky Hill, New Jersey, near Princeton. The young couple tried to "escape the wrath of the country…

Letter to Robert Finley regarding the sale of an enslaved man named Jef

Neilson, John

Neilson to Finley 1.jpg
Colonel John Neilson (1745-1833) writes to Robert Finley asking him about the possible purchase of an enslaved man owned by a Mr. Mattison in Princeton for the price of 90 pounds. Neilson inquires about the skills and habits of the enslaved…

Letter in reply to John Neilson regarding the sale of an enslaved man named Jef

Finley, Robert

Finley to Neilson 1.jpg
A letter detailing Robert Finley's account of speaking with Samuel Snowden and Mr. Mattison about an enslaved man named Jef. The letter mainly details Jef's personal qualities and skills, as Neilson wishes to purchase Jef but has no prior account of…

Twenty Dollars Reward [runaway ad for Elsy Murray]

Bogart, Peter

1818-05-14 Twenty Dollars Reward (Elsy Murray).jpg
Elsy Murray, a 20-year-old black woman, ran away from slaveholder Peter Bogart in Princeton on February 13, 1818. Elsy Murray could read well and had a pass for 2 days. She had a brother near Piscataway, and the slaveholder supposed that someone…

Seventy Dollars Reward [runaway ad for Dick and John]

Woodmansee, Daniel

1822-10-24 Seventy Dollars Reward.jpg
Dick, a 16-year-old enslaved boy, left the house of his master Daniel Woodmansee, near Princeton, on September 1, 1822. Woodmansee posts a notice that Dick was "stolen away" by a man named John. The notice describes Dick as a "mulatto boy" and John…


Slack, Elijah

1816-08-08 For Sale, A NEGRO GIRL.jpg
Elijah Slack of Princeton advertises a young black woman for sale in a New Brunswick newspaper. The woman is 19 years old and is a slave for life. Prospective buyers are instructed to contact John N. Simpson of New Brunswick for more information.


Dunant, Edward

1793-01-23 Stop the runaway.jpg
Will Rigg, an indented black man, ran away from his master Edward Dunant of Philadelphia on January 12, 1793. In the following week, Will Rigg has been seen at Trenton, Princeton, and Flemington, where he is well known to residents. Edward Dunant…