Letter to Dean Fraser Metzger about progress at Cornell Law School



Letter to Dean Fraser Metzger about progress at Cornell Law School


Letter from Harry Hazelwood Jr. RC1943 to Frazer Metzger, Dean of Men, written on May 16, 1944, providing an update about Hazelwood's progress at the end of his first year at Cornell Law School. Dean Metzger sent a reply to Hazelwood on May 19, 1944.



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Myron Taylor Hall
Cornell Law School
Ithaca, New York
May 16, 1944

Dear Dean Metzger,

My second semester at Cornell Law School is almost over, and it has served to increase my liking for the study of law, although it has also served to show some of the difficulties ahead of the law student before the day of admission to the bar.

This semester my courses are as follows: Equity (a study of courts of equity), Contracts, Court Procedures, and Criminal Law. At Cornell Law School we are very fortunate in having the outstanding man in the United States in the field of Contracts as a professor (Mr. George J. Thompson). His classes are always top-notch.

I was very fortunate this semester in that I was appointed student assistant librarian. This job is hardly like a job at all, since when there is work to be done in the library I gain more experience in finding material and law cases in the library.

Outside of my curricular activities, I have become active in the Cornell United Religious Works. This organization sponsors panel discussions on interesting topics every Sunday afternoon from 4-5:00 P.M. Last Sunday was the last of our meetings for the present semester, since exams start shortly in some of the colleges. The topic was "Can We Build a Synthetic Religion." The panel was composed of seven graduate students

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from Europe and Asia who represented different faiths. Our problem was to find similar points in all religions which might be the basis of a synthetic religion. I represented the Christian religion. Before the meeting was over I had delved very deeply into the information I had received from Dr. Burns in Political Theory and Dr. Petersen in Philosophy and World Prospectives.

Every day I meet some of the Rutgers men who are on the Cornell Campus. To date I have met George Brightenback, James Carr, and Al Lieberman all of '43. Also, Ralph Bigelow '44, Carl Schenholm '44, and Richard Moody '46.

I expect to return to Newark right away when the term is over, and I shall come in to see you perhaps during the week of June 18th.

Before closing may I thank you for all the aid you have given me.

Respectfully yours,
Harry Hazelwood Jr.

George Brightenback is to be married this coming Saturday (May 20, 1944) to Daisy Schenholm (N.J.C.)

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Hazelwood, Harry Jr., “Letter to Dean Fraser Metzger about progress at Cornell Law School,” Scarlet and Black Digital Archive, Rutgers University, accessed April 23, 2024, https://scarletandblack.rutgers.edu/archive/items/show/692.