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Letter to Dean Fraser Metzger about progress at Cornell Law School

Hazelwood, Harry Jr.
Letter from Harry Hazelwood Jr. RC1943 to Frazer Metzger, Dean of Men, written on May 16, 1944, providing an update about Hazelwood's progress at the end of his first year at Cornell Law School. Dean Metzger sent a reply to Hazelwood on May 19, 1944.

Letter to Don Jacoby regarding the death of Arthur M. Johnson

Hazelwood, Harry Jr.
Harry Hazelwood Jr. '43 writes to Don Jacoby '43 about the death of Arthur M. Johnson '43. Hazelwood was informed of Johnson's untimely death by fellow African American alumnus Leroy Darkes '46. Hazelwood enclosed photocopies of Johnson's obituary…