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Goal blocked for gifted athlete

Fleming, Jimmie
Profile of John Thomas "Pomp" Chandler (RC 1937) printed in the New Brunswick newspaper Daily Home News after Chandler's death in 1978. The article discusses Chandler's success as an athlete at Rutgers, especially in lightweight football, and the…

John T. Chandler, World War II draft registration card

United States, Selective Service System
Draft registration card for John Thomas Chandler RC1937. Chandler registered for the World War II draft on October 16, 1940, when he was 25 years old and living in Fanwood, New Jersey.

Obituary of John Chandler of Fanwood, phys ed teacher in Edison

Obituary of John Thomas "Pomp" Chandler (RC 1937) printed in the New Brunswick newspaper Daily Home News.

Photograph of John T. Chandler in Rutgers football uniform

1936 approx.; reproduced after 1978
Photograph of John Thomas "Pomp" Chandler (RC 1937) practicing football during his time at Rutgers, where Chandler was a star athlete on the 150-pound football (or "lightweight football") team. The photograph was reprinted in a magazine after his…

John T. Chandler with the 150-pound football team in the Scarlet Letter yearbook

Photograph of John T. Chandler RC1937 with the 150-pound football team, printed in the 1934 Scarlet Letter yearbook, page 140. Chandler is standing in the back row, fifth from the left. The names of the team members and a description of the team's…

Tribute to teacher John Chandler in the Wardlaw-Hartridge School yearbook

Photograph and tribute to John T. Chandler RC1937 in the 1979 Tempora Et Mores yearbook of the Wardlaw-Hartridge School in Edison, NJ. Chandler was a physical education teacher and coach at the school. Chandler passed away in October of 1978, and the…