Black Voices at Rutgers is a research tool that helps you discover and access African American oral history interviews across multiple collections at Rutgers University.

Walter G. Alexander II

Vickie Donaldson

Alice Jennings Archibald

Why Black Voices at Rutgers?

Rutgers University holds a large number of oral history interviews spread out across different collections. Rutgers Oral History Archives has recorded over 2,000 interviews, and other oral history projects have added hundreds more. Finding Black voices in a sea of oral history interviews can be difficult because brief interview descriptions often do not mention the interviewee’s racial background or identify the person as a member of the African American community.

Black Voices at Rutgers aims to address this research challenge by creating an index of African American interviewees who have participated in various oral history projects and providing an easy way to search interview descriptions. Whenever possible, we are enriching the original interview abstracts by adding photographs of the interviewees and linking to related resources, such as archival documents in our Scarlet and Black Digital Archive or honoree biographies in the Rutgers African-American Alumni Alliance Hall of Fame.

Who created Black Voices at Rutgers?

This research tool was created by the Scarlet and Black Research Center. If you have questions about this website, have oral histories to contribute to the index, or would like to use Black Voices as a teaching tool in your classroom, we encourage you to get in touch with Jesse Bayker, our Research Project Manager and Digital Archivist.