Interview: Ramsey, James H., 1992


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Interview: Ramsey, James H., 1992
Ramsey, James H.
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Memphis, Tennessee
Cohen, Gilbert
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Newark, New Jersey
Date Created
10 February 1992
James Ramsey holds a bachelor's degree from Tennessee State University and a master's in education from Brown University. He began his career as a biology teacher in Cedar Grove, New Jersey, and joined Rutgers-Newark as a professor of biology in the Academic Foundations Department in 1969; he was appointed its director in 1970. The Academic Foundations Department provided remedial programs for students who were underprepared for college work. Ramsey was key in developing the center and making it an integral part of the university. Ramsey later served as mayor of Montclair, New Jersey, from 1984-1986 and on the Montclair board of education. He has also been active in numerous civic affairs in the City of Newark.
Source Project Description
This interview is part of an oral history project that Rutgers University librarian Gil Cohen conducted in the early 1990s. The project documented the city of Newark and Rutgers University-Newark as they were in the 1960s and 1970s. The audio recordings and transcripts for this collection have been fully digitized by Rutgers University Libraries.
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