Oral History: Brown, William Neal, 2005


Oral History: Brown, William Neal, 2005
Brown, William Neal
Birth Year
Birth Place
Georgia - Warrenton
Illingworth, Shaun
Mueller, Allison
Palma, Fernando
Location of Interview
New Jersey - Millburn
Date Created
25 February 2005
Dr. Brown was born in Warrenton, Georgia, in 1919. He grew up in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania as the oldest of six siblings. He attended Hampton Institute and graduated in 1941 with a English and History major. A volunteer for the Army Air Force, he attended Officer Candidate School in Miami Beach and then volunteered to be trained at Tuskegee Air Field. He served as a special services officer with the 618th Bomb Squadron in the American Theater of Operations. After the war he attended Columbia University with the help of the GI Bill and he graduated in 1950. He was hired as the first African-American Professor at Rutgers University in 1956. He worked at the School of Social Work for 33 years. There were many highlights of Dr. Brown’s Academic career, but one that especially stands out was his debate at Rutgers with Malcolm X at the Rutgers School of Pharmacy.
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