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Eight Dollars Reward [jailbreak notice for Jack]

Wrighter, David

1802-01-19 Eight Dollars Reward.jpg
On January 2, 1802, Jack, an enslaved black man, escaped from the jail in Trenton where he was held on charges of theft from his master Amos Moore. Jack was about 20 years old. Jail keeper David Wrighter offers a reward of $8 for Jack's return.

Ten Dollars Reward [runaway ad for Lenor Dunnam]

Brown, David

1802-01-19 Ten Dollars Reward.jpg
Lenor Dunnam, a black woman aged 22, ran away from slaveholder David Brown in Gloucester County on November 14, 1801. The slaveholder offers a reward of $10 for her capture. This notice was published recurrently in the Trenton Federalist newspaper at…