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THREE DOLLARS REWARD [runaway ad for apprentice James Gilman]

Bloomfield, John
A 16-year-old apprentice named James Gilman ran away from his master John Bloomfield at Woodbridge on January 30, 1792. Gilman was seen leaving Boye's tavern in the village of Quibbletown (present-day New Market area in Piscataway) and going toward…

WHEREAS Deborah Obart, my wife has frequently eloped

Obart, George
George Obart issues a public notice that his wife Deborah Obart frequently runs away from home; he warns people in Middlesex County not to extend credit to his wife. This notice was published in a New Brunswick newspaper, but the location of Obart's…

Ten Dollars Reward [runaway ad for Robin and Sam]

Robinson, Alexander
Two black men, Robin and Sam, ran away from slaveholder Alexander Robinson at Belment Farm, near Morristown, on April 9, 1792. Robin was 50 years old and Sam was younger, but his precise age is not mentioned in the newspaper notice. Alexander…

Eight Dollars Reward [runaway ad for Sam]

Stevenson, James
Sam, an 18-year-old black man, ran away from slaveholder James Stevenson (Queen's College graduate, class of 1789). Sam escaped from Amwell, Hunterdon County, on April 24, 1792. James Stevenson offers a reward of $8 for Sam's capture.

TO BE SOLD, A Young healthy likely NEGRO WOMAN

A slaveholder around New Brunswick seeks to sell a young black woman, aged 20, together with her 14-month-old daughter. The slaveholder is not named in the ad, and the prospective buyers are asked to apply to the printers of the Brunswic Gazette…