Letter to Fraser Metzger, regarding World War II draft and deferment



Letter to Fraser Metzger, regarding World War II draft and deferment


Two-page handwritten letter from Arthur M. Johnson RC1943 to Fraser Metzger, Rutgers Dean of Men, regarding World War II draft. Johnson writes that although he was drafted in July 1942, he subsequently received a deferment because of his poor vision, and he would be allowed to return to Rutgers for his senior year. Johnson asks Fraser to write a letter to the local draft board about Johnson's enrollment in college. Johnson also asks for an extension on a loan he received from the school in a previous semester. The letter is handwritten by Johnson on the letterhead of the Penn-Ryan Hotel, located at 111 South Pennsylvania Avenue, Atlantic City, NJ. Johnson did not date his letter, but the a stamp from the dean's office indicates that it was received and processed on July 30, 1942.



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Rutgers University
Jul 30 1942
Dean of Men

[handwritten letter:]
Dear Dean Metzger,

On July 17, I was inducted into the army, but when I reached the induction center they rejected me because of my poor eye sight. In my letter of July 2, 1942, I stated that I would not return to school in the fall and I also asked for an extension on my note. Thus far I received no answer. [note from the dean in the margins: Not received!]

At a hearing with my local board it was agreed that I should be deferred until next May. This decision, based on poor vision, was reached because of the fact that I am a senior majoring in Economics. A new bulletin issued some two weeks ago makes allowances for such cases. My board has asked that you send them a letter confirming my statement. This letter

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should be addressed as follows:

Mrs. R. Welshofer
Draft Board No. 5, City Hall
Atlantic City, New Jersey

I am sure that you are acquainted with the routine form of such a letter.

My note, to which I previously referred was due on July 1, and I asked that it be extended until September 30. Now I would like to have it mature on Registration Day.

I trust that these matters will receive your prompt attention. Thank you for your kind consideration and I hope to see you in the fall.

Obligingly yours,
Arthur Johnson

Original format

handwritten letter, 2 pages


Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries

Archival collection

Rutgers University Biographical Files: Alumni

Archival location

Box: 378, Folder: Johnson, Arthur M., 1943


Johnson, Arthur M., “Letter to Fraser Metzger, regarding World War II draft and deferment,” Scarlet and Black Digital Archive, Rutgers University, accessed April 23, 2024, https://scarletandblack.rutgers.edu/archive/items/show/682.