Minute book, 1817-1824

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Minute book, 1817-1824


Minute book maintained by the Secretary of the African Association of New Brunswick from 1817 to 1824. This bound manuscript volume includes the constitution of the organization, meeting minutes, member rolls, and dues paid. The book contains copies of two speeches given by guests at the annual meetings of the association: the address delivered by the Rev. Jeremiah Gloucester of the Second African Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia, on January 1, 1820, and the address delivered by Gustavus V. Caesar, then a student at the Parsippany African School, on January 1, 1821. Additionally, a copy of a letter from Gustavus V. Caesar, read at a meeting of the association's standing committee on February 3, 1821, is in the minute book.

Related to the minute book are several permission slips from enslavers who allowed enslaved Black persons to join the organization. One permission slip is glued inside the book, and several loose permission slips are kept in an unmarked folder inside the same archival collection. Permission slips have been digitized as separate items in the New Jersey Slavery Records database and are listed under Linked Resources.

The complete minute book has been scanned and transcribed by the Scarlet and Black research team and is made available in our New Jersey Slavery Records database. See the Relations section below for links to the scans and the transcript.


1817 to 1824





Original format

Bound manuscript volume and several loose papers


Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University Libraries

Archival collection

African Association of New Brunswick (N.J.). Minute Book, 1817-1824 (MC 50)