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Ten Dollars Reward [jailbreak notice for Rachel]

Farmer, George
Rachel, a 20-year-old black woman, escaped from the Middlesex County jail in New Brunswick on the night of January 15, 1814. George Farmer, owner of the Belle Vue estate across the river from New Brunswick (in present-day Highland Park) offers a…

Birth record for Rachel, daughter of Hanna, reported by slaveholder Jacob Van Dike

Middlesex County Clerk

Births 02 Jacob Van Dike.jpg
Slaveholder Jacob Van Dike reports that Hanna, an enslaved woman, gave birth to daughter Rachel on October 16, 1804. For more about Jacob Van Dike (1754-1827) and the people that he enslaved, see our New Jersey Slavery Records database.

Account of Sabina (a Black woman) and her daughter Rachel

Dunham, Jacob

Dunham 36 Sabina.jpg
Dr. Jacob Dunham recorded the amounts owed to him by Sabina and Rachel for medical services that the doctor provided in 1828 and 1829.