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FOR SALE By the subscriber, a Negro wench

Hardenbergh, Jacob Rutsen

Guardian 1801-03-27 p4 For Sale...Negro wench...Jacob R. Hardenbergh (5213).jpg
Jacob R. Hardenberg (Queen's College trustee and son of the college's first president) advertises a 35-year-old black woman for sale in Somerville. The ad was first issued on December 16, 1800, and ran for at least 3 months until March 1801 in…

Letter to his father Col. Johannes Hardenbergh

Hardenbergh, Jacob Rutsen

Jacob Rutsen Hardenbergh (1736-1790) mentions an enslaved man in a letter to his father Col. Johannes Hardenbergh (1706-1786).

Jacob Rutsen Hardenbergh was one of the chief founders of Queen's College (later Rutgers) and served as the school's…