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White and Black Married. How a Young Farmer Wooed and Won an Old Negro's Daughter


1887-04-09 White and Black Married - New York Times.png
New York Times report about the marriage of a white farmer named Cornelius Van Tilbergh (age 25) and a black woman named Lizzie Simmons (age 20) from Rocky Hill, New Jersey, near Princeton. The young couple tried to "escape the wrath of the country…

Colored Boarders Not Wanted


Colored Boarders Not Wanted New York Times 1890-05-06.png
New York Times reports that Bishop Turner and other attendees at the conference of the New-Jersey African Methodist Church complain about racial discrimination by hotel owners in New Brunswick. "Bishop Turner" likely refers to Henry McNeal Turner…

Elections in New Jersey; Rioting between Whites and Blacks in New Brunswick


1895-04-10 Elections in New Jersey - New York Times.png
New York Times article about a race riot during an election in New Brunswick.

12,000 of Klan Out at Jersey Meeting: Hold Heavily Guarded Initiation on a Lonely Farm Near New Brunswick


12000 of Klan out at Jersey Meeting article New York Times Headline.png
New York Times article about a massive Ku Klux Klan (KKK) initiation ceremony held on May 2, 1923, at a farm near New Brunswick.


Rutgers Honors James Neilson


Neilson New York Times.jpg
A brief report in The New York Times about Rutgers University's memorial service for James Neilson (1844-1937) after his death in 1937. The report calls him the "godfather" of the women's college (Douglass College).

Georgia Frees Negro Who Feared Mob Rule


Georgia Frees Negro Who Feared Mob Rule 1925.png
Article in the New York Times: "Georgia Frees Negro Who Feared Mob Rule; Silas Parmore, Extradited From New Jersey, Acquitted by a Jury in Murder Trial."

Negro Girls Win Heritage Award: Alumnae Honor Two Seniors as Interracial Pioneers at New Jersey College


1949-06-05 Negro Girls Win Heritage Award - New York Times.png
An article reporting that two African American seniors, Emma Andrews and Evelyn Sermons, received the Heritage Award given by the Associate Alumnae of the New Jersey College for Women on June 4, 1949. They received the award for “contributing to the…