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Photograph: group of African Americans around a wedding cake

1940s approx.
Black and white photograph of four African Americans, three men and one woman, sitting at a table outside around a tiered wedding cake. Date unknown. Approximate period: 1940s.

Photograph: group portrait of African Americans at an outdoor wedding

1940s approx.
Black and white photograph of five African Americans standing up at an outdoor wedding, two women and three men. This appears to be the wedding party. A tiered wedding cake is seen in the foreground. One additional guest is seen sitting in the…

Photograph: Olive Garretson

1950s approx.
Roseberry, Oscar Zane
Black and white photograph of Olive Garretson at a wedding, standing in front of the wedding cake. The inscription above the image says: "The late Mrs. Herman (Olive) Garretson." Date unknown; approximately 1950s.