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TWO NEGROMEN [pickup notice for Matthew Fairfax and Levi Brown]

Keenon, Peter
Two black men, Matthew Fairfax and Levi Brown, were captured and committed to jail in New Brunswick as suspected runaways on January 1, 1801. Peter Keenon, the keeper of the prison of Middlesex county, publishes a notice stating that the two men will…

Twenty-five Dollars Rward [runaway ad for Nance]

Rue, William
Nance, a 20-year-old black woman, ran away from slaveholder William Rue on May 12, 1810, in the vicinity of Spotswood, Middlesex County (approximately 8 miles south of New Brunswick). Nance is literate and her master suspects that she forged a pass…

Twenty Dollars Reward [runaway ad for Elsy Murray]

Bogart, Peter

1818-05-14 Twenty Dollars Reward (Elsy Murray).jpg
Elsy Murray, a 20-year-old black woman, ran away from slaveholder Peter Bogart in Princeton on February 13, 1818. Elsy Murray could read well and had a pass for 2 days. She had a brother near Piscataway, and the slaveholder supposed that someone…