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Receipt to John Neilson for the sale of a black girl Dine

Clark, Hannah

John Neilson served as an administrator for the estate of Rev. Joseph Clark after he died. This receipt shows that Neilson sold an enslaved woman named Dine to George Farmer for $75 on behalf of Clark’s estate.

George Farmer owned a large estate…

Fifty Dollars Reward [runaway ad for Elisha]

Farmer, George

1816-02-08 Fifty Dollars Reward.jpg
Elisha, a black man, ran away from slaveholder George Farmer on January 27, 1816. Elisha was 21 years old. George Farmer had purchased Elisha on September 9, 1815, from John Tucker of Rahway, while Elisha was in jail. George Farmer offers a reward of…

100 Dolls. Reward [runaway ad for Cato]

Farmer, George
Two black men, named Leven and Cato, both aged approximately 23 years, ran away from slaveholder George Farmer on November 22, 1814. George Farmer offers a reward of $100 for their capture and describes the men's clothing and physical features in…

Ten Dollars Reward [jailbreak notice for Rachel]

Farmer, George
Rachel, a 20-year-old black woman, escaped from the Middlesex County jail in New Brunswick on the night of January 15, 1814. George Farmer, owner of the Belle Vue estate across the river from New Brunswick (in present-day Highland Park) offers a…

Birth record for Dinah, daughter of Rose, reported by slaveholder George Farmer

Middlesex County Clerk

Births 05 George Farmer.jpg
Slaveholder George Farmer reports that Rose, an enslaved woman, gave birth to daughter Dinah on January 30, 1805.

Letter to Robert Finley regarding the sale of an enslaved man named Jef

Neilson, John

Neilson to Finley 1.jpg
Colonel John Neilson (1745-1833) writes to Robert Finley asking him about the possible purchase of an enslaved man owned by a Mr. Mattison in Princeton for the price of 90 pounds. Neilson inquires about the skills and habits of the enslaved…