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Letter to Eastern Aircraft, regarding an employment reference for Arthur M. Johnson

Metzger, Fraser
Letter from Fraser Metzger, Rutgers Dean of Men, to Easter Aircraft division of General Motors in Trenton, NJ. Metzger replies to the company's inquiry seeking an employment reference for Arthur M. Johnson RC1943.

Extradition Granted; Habeas Corpus Writ is Still Keeping Negro Here


Article about the Silas Parmore case in the New Brunswick newspaper Daily Home News: "Extradition Granted; Habeas Corpus Writ is Still Keeping Negro Here; Governor Silzer Signs Papers for Return of Silas Parmore to Georgia—Counsel at Once Starts New…

Parmore Appeal Is Put on File

Article about the Silas Parmore case in the New Brunswick newspaper Daily Home News: "Parmore Appeal Is Put on File; Counsel For Georgia Man Declare Case May Go to U. S. Supreme Court; costs deposited at Trenton today."

Hold Hearing in Paremore Case Before Governor

Article about the Silas Parmore case in the New Brunswick newspaper Daily Home News.

Eight Dollars Reward [jailbreak notice for Jack]

Wrighter, David

1802-01-19 Eight Dollars Reward.jpg
On January 2, 1802, Jack, an enslaved black man, escaped from the jail in Trenton where he was held on charges of theft from his master Amos Moore. Jack was about 20 years old. Jail keeper David Wrighter offers a reward of $8 for Jack's return.

Thirty Dollars Reward [runaway ad for Tom]

Throckmorton, William

1799-12-10 Thirty Dollars Reward.jpg
Tom, a black man, ran away from slaveholder William Throckmorton in South Amboy on August 25, 1799. Tom is about 25 years old. His master offers a reward of 30 dollars for Tom's return and notes that Tom was seen on the road to Trenton, possibly on…

TAKEN UP [pickup notice for John]

Drake, Henry

1799-12-31 TAKEN UP ((Trenton) New Jersey State Gazette.jpg
John, a 16-year-old black boy, was captured and held at the state penitentiary in Trenton in December of 1799 as a runaway. Henry Drake, the marshall of the prison, posts a pickup notice about John's capture and requests John's master to pick him up…


Slack, Elijah

1816-08-08 For Sale, A NEGRO GIRL.jpg
Elijah Slack of Princeton advertises a young black woman for sale in a New Brunswick newspaper. The woman is 19 years old and is a slave for life. Prospective buyers are instructed to contact John N. Simpson of New Brunswick for more information.

Three Dollars Reward [runaway ad for Hannah and her daughter Peggy]

Law, James

1794-06-18 Three Dollars Reward.jpg
Hannah an enslaved black woman, aged 22, ran away with her 2-year-old daughter Peggy and took a large bundle of clothing. Her master James Law (from Delaware Works) offered a 3 dollar reward for Hannah's capture.

Delaware Works was a mill property…

TO BE SOLD, A healthy young NEGRO WENCH and her MALE CHILD

Tindall, William

1793-01-23 To be sold.jpg
William Tindall of Trenton seeks to sell a young black woman and her son. He also offers to sell a 3-year-old black girl until she is approximately 15 years old. It is unclear whether the girl should become free or return to Tindall's household as a…


Dunant, Edward

1793-01-23 Stop the runaway.jpg
Will Rigg, an indented black man, ran away from his master Edward Dunant of Philadelphia on January 12, 1793. In the following week, Will Rigg has been seen at Trenton, Princeton, and Flemington, where he is well known to residents. Edward Dunant…



1792-11-14 To be sold time of a negro boy.jpg
A slaveholder in Trenton seeks to sell a 15-year-old black boy in a private sale. The boy is supposed to be manumitted at age 30 and has approximately 15 years left to serve. The slaveholder is not named in the ad, and the prospective buyers are…

Eight Dollars Reward [runaway ad for William Wilson, Indian apprentice]

Pearson, Job

1794-06-18 Eight Dollars Reward.jpg
William Wilson, an Indian apprentice, ran away from his master Job Pearson in Trenton. His master offers eight dollars reward for Wilson's capture. Wilson was seen passing through New Brunswick on his way to New York.

Sixteen Dollars Reward [runaway ad for Minn]

Abel, Jacob

Abel 1792 Sixteen Dollars Reward.jpg
Minn, a 30-year-old black man, ran away from his master Jacob Abel of Easton (Northampton County, Pennsylvania) on October 15, 1792. Minn may have gone to his father's home in Trenton. Jacob Abel posts a reward of $16 for Minn's capture in the…