NAACP Clippings and Documents (1920s)


This collection consists of newspaper clippings and archival documents pertaining to the activities of the NAACP in New Brunswick in the 1920s. These materials highlight the founding of the New Brunswick branch in 1922, NAACP's anti-lynching work, and the legal case of Silas Parmore that galvanized local activists.

To learn more about these records, visit our digital exhibit NAACP in New Brunswick: Saving Silas Parmore.

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Collection Items

Silas Parmore Defense Fund pledge card
Pledge card used in the NAACP fundraising campaign for the Silas Parmore Defense Fund.

Colored Citizens of New Brunswick AWAKE! Flyer for Mass Meeting in support of Silas Parmore
NAACP flyer promoting the mass meeting in support of Silas Parmore. The meeting took place on Sunday, December 16, 1923, at the Ebenezer Baptist Church.

Georgia Frees Negro Who Feared Mob Rule
Article in the New York Times: "Georgia Frees Negro Who Feared Mob Rule; Silas Parmore, Extradited From New Jersey, Acquitted by a Jury in Murder Trial."
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